Revolver Yoga Studio Summer 2018-Revolve


Hi! We're fellow yoga practitioners and teachers Courtney Morgan & Julie Baron, and we found a natural resonance with each other when our paths came together at a little yoga studio in Walla Walla, WA. While our histories and practices are unique, we see yoga as an access point for more skillful navigation of both the individual and collective human experience. With a combined 35 years studying, practicing, and teaching, we are devoted students and practitioners who have dedicated our lives to the path and teachings of yoga .

We believe in a holistic, inclusive, and sustainable approach to yoga practice. That means that we practice and teach the full scope of yoga study - movement and postures, ethics, philosophy and meditation - in a way that we, and you, can do this for the long haul and reap the benefits over the course of our lives. In our classes and trainings, we cover everything from in-depth anatomy and biomechanics, to mythology and the subtle body as well as the evolution of yoga philosophy and practice throughout the ages. Our passion is to share our collective experience and knowledge to empower all of us to keep moving - ever deeper - into our hearts.

Courtney & Julie



Revolver Yoga Studio Summer 2018-Revolve

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